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    Specializing in: exterior work (walkways, porches, and driveways), interior work (garage and basement floors), and also aggregate- we can help you with your next project. 

Driveways, Patios, Walkways, and Porches
When starting a driveway or sidewalk project, it is important to be sure it will be square. The thickness of the slab is typically 4 inches, you will only need 6 inches if you are planning to place a jacuzzi on your patio. When forming the exterior concrete work, we use 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 forms and strings to set up the project. We add gravel to ensure a good foundation for the concrete.  We can also implement different designs, such as curves and circles, to give more spacing and a defined look. Finishing the exterior work requires experience and workmanship in each specific project. We can finish any project with a broom finish, swirls, or stamped pattern. 

    - Basement and Garage Floors

Finishing basements and garages takes a different type of workmanship. Using trowels to finish gives the concrete that smooth look. When preparing basements we can add drain tile and a sump pump if necessary. We add gravel to make sure that the weep holes are covered from the concrete walls. When pouring the concrete, lowering the cement where the drain is will allow the water to drain properly. With garages, we have to give the cement properly measured fall, typically an inch per 4 feet.  We add a drip edge at the garage door for a clean and stylish look. The drip edge, about a foot into the slab, will allow water to exit the garage more easily.

     - Aggregate
This is another option that you can choose. Here is an example below.

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